Inca Government Intervention

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Government intervention is common in today’s market society. Although difficult to identify at times, it is ever present in most transactions that occur. The idea behind the involvement is promotion of the welfare of the citizens that reside within the government’s rule. Whether establishing or promoting economic growth, employment, income equality, or stabilizing interest rates, the government feels that their hand in the transaction is for the benefit of the consumer. Market failures can be argued in favor or in contradiction of big government. No matter the opinion of the individual, the masses are able to enjoy cleaner air, water, and ground due to increased guidelines set by governing officials. The air we breathe is full of pollutants; some of which are man-made, others are found naturally and released during chemical changes. The Clean Air Act, which is a constant work in progress, is designed to reduce emissions by corporations to include those that are considered greenhouse gasses (Cooke & Bell 2014). The gasses are a result of unfiltered, or unregulated, production that creates spillover. Water, a renewable resource like air, is also a regulated waste product. A lot of chemicals, debris, and sewage can flow from households and industries. Considered one of the most effective…show more content…
The argument has equal ammunition on either side. Socialism, or totalitarianism is the extreme measure of government involvement. The opposite, at least in economic terms, is Laissez-faire. This true market economy is the state of free trade, 100% lacking of government involvement in trades. Although neither system of government or lack thereof is prevalent, or succeeding, they are the hope for some individuals. Whether in agreeance with all, some, or no interference on part of the government, in the United States, the government has their hands in practically every
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