Inca Tribe

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My group I got was the Incas. The Incas had a unique way of life. The Incas lived in the Cuzco valley. They were a very strong and smart empire. The Incas used their defeated enemies for many massive building projects. They used totora reeds for boats and at times would fake retreat to lead their enemies into a spot where they had a better chance of winning. Incas were masters at building terraces. The Incas created provinces for 20-30 thousand people. Each province required labor to the King. Local rulers stayed in their provinces and asserted their control. A person who was caught betraying the government was thrown in a jail cell with poisonous snakes and dangerous animals or had their eyes plucked out. The Incas revered the mountain peaks around them as gods or holy beings. The Incas controlled about 2,400 miles of coastline and divided the highland Valleys into 4 divisions. They divided these divisions by elevation. Llamas and alpacas…show more content…
Human sacrifice was fairly common for thousands of years before the Incas took control. Incas didn’t force their enemies into believing in their gods. They believed that some people were gifted and could talk to the gods. The Incas tracked the sun and stars through the skies. The Inca ruler sent many gifts to the Spaniards and the leader of the Spaniards sent back. The Spaniards kidnapped the Inca King and imprisoned him in the main temple of Cajamarca. The King traded gold and silver for his freedom and once the gold and silver reached the Spaniards they killed the King. Inca rulers claimed the title of Sapa Inca until 1572. Archaeologist have never found the mummy of the Inca King. The Incas had a unique life. They were one of the strongest and smartest groups of that
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