Incarceration In The US Justice System

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The hype around globalization and the negative impact of the social media have obscured discussion on the most immediate and pressing issues that need immediate attention in the U.S justice system. The number of incarceration in the United States beginning 1970 has swollen to all time higher (Walker et al., 2012). According to Binswanger et al. (2012), American judicial system has imprisoned 2.3 million of its populace, and these are more than any other country in the world. Davis (2007) mentioned ironically that the U.S jails a quarter of the world prisoners albeit it contains merely 5% of the global population. These statistics are mind boggling for a country that has opted to teach the world fairness, justice and equality.
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This is a Group of disgruntled and social outcast defined by poverty, racial minority and crime (Cole, 1999). Davis (2007) added that the women and men in the American penal system have limited access to the social mobility that is available to other people. Economic and social disadvantage are glaring at the American penal confinements, and this has been sustained over a long period. Analysis such as those of Mauer and King (2007) have termed the high rate of incarceration in America a civil right issue and lamented that the American justice system damages families, hollows communities and warehouses inmates thus needs immediate restructuring. Butler (2008) for instance insisted that the penal system must be repaired so as to reflect the values and the aspiration of the United States of…show more content…
The structural reforms need to starts with the police department. This is because police for a long time have engaged in racial profiling and it reached an alarming rate by the shooting of unarmed black man called Eric Garner in 2014 (Natarajan, 2014). The police appear to have had a direct to harass and shoot blacks. They need to be retraining on the best way to maintain law and order, enforcing criminal law and country out an independent and effective investigation without biases. The training of the police officers needs to adopt a cultural-specific orientation. This is specifically important for the officers who are assigned to work in areas with a high number of minority groups. Specifically, the training needs to introduce the police to cultural features of the neighborhoods, residents, organizations to help enhance their understanding of communities in which they
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