Incarceration Of The United States

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There are over 2million people incarcerated today in the United States and Statistics show that the rates every year is increasing . Millions of dollars are being spent on these institutions(private institutions , correctional facilities etc.) that provide nothing other a punitive excessive amount of time. Most of those incarcerated return back to jail, sometimes even for the same offense . What does that mean for the United States that mean that there will be and increase in the amount of dollars spent every year along with and increase amount of those being incarcerated . The United States need to provide the appropriate rehabilitation in order to prevent those incarcerated from becoming…show more content…
When asked how did he feel when he was sentenced to and additional 10 years ? He responded and said “ I felt crushed inside I felt like my life was over , I was angry at my self for allowing my self to become so angry. I knew that that would be something that would become a reputation for who I would now become. I didn’t want to live that life I sold drugs because I wanted to survive that was a stupid choice but I couldn’t get a job as quick as I wanted and my life was already going downstream . I Seen fast money in selling drugs I thought I could do it and I wasn’t hurting nobody and I could survive and make fast money as long as I didn’t get Caught” . He then continue on saying “ Mentally I knew it was going to be a hard time for me I don’t know how I got that knife , I mean I knew it was giving to me but I don’t know how the other guy got it and while I was laying on that floor getting stab it
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