Incarceration Of The United States

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When the term corrections is mentioned, the thought of incarceration is the first to come to mind. This is the case for as of the end of 2013, there were 1,574,700 people serving time in state and federal penitentiaries (Carson, 2014, p.1). This alarming number gives reason for the need of alternatives to incarceration. Avoiding imprisonment does not translate to a lenient punitive sentence for the alternatives can just as easily repair harms to the victims, provide benefits to the community, treat the drug addicted, and rehabilitate offenders (FAMM, 2013, p.1). The use of programs that offer an alternative to incarceration can reduce the amount of people in the prison system that is living on taxpayers’ dollars. The enlistment in the military is a viable option as an alternative to incarceration. The goal of rehabilitation is a change in the behavior of the convict and the enlistment of said individual offers just that in more ways than one. The sociology theory of the life course roughly translates to that over a course of life, one abandons its old ways of life in order to adopt to a new way of life or a social structure (Shepard, 2013, p.95). In total institutions, where one is completely removed from society such as military boot camps or prisons, the individual’s self-concept begins to facture by the replacement of their personal identities with concepts of shared identities such as wearing uniforms or the use of serial numbers instead of names. Once the self-concept

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