Incarceration: Prison and Inmates

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INTRODUCTION Law enforcement officers are authorized by federal, state, and local lawmakers to arrest and confine persons suspected of crimes. The judicial system is authorized to confine persons convicted of crimes. This confinement, whether before or after a criminal conviction, is called incarceration. Incarceration is one of the main forms of punishment for the commission of illegal offenses. Juveniles and adults alike are subject to incarceration. Incarceration is the detention of a person in a jail or prison. The federal, state, and local governments have facilities to confine people. Individuals awaiting trial, being held pending citations for non-custodial offenses, and those convicted of misdemeanors (crimes which carry a…show more content…
Federal laws are those laws that are passed by the federal government and enforced by the U.S .Government Agencies. These are laws against the federal government. The penalties may range from long or short prison sentences in federal prison and may include fines. The federal prison system is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, created by Congress in 1930 and administered by the U.S. Department of Justice (Roberts, 1994). Federal inmates are those convicted of federal offenses, such as kidnapping, bank robbery, and tax evasions, as well as various violent crimes and drug violations. State laws are those that are passed and enforced by the state. They cannot contradict the federal laws and apply only to that specific state. The state enforcement agencies also have a duty to insure that federal laws are not being broken. Most criminal laws are state created and penalties include fines and short or long prison incarceration. State prisons are operated state officials, usually under the direction of a state commissioner of corrections (or secretary of correction) who is appointed by the governor. State inmates are those convicted of criminal statues enforced by that particular state. These penalties differ from state to state for like offenses. Juvenile Incarceration Another area of incarceration is juvenile delinquent incarceration. Juvenile delinquents are minors that are charged with crimes
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