Incarceration in An Adult Prison Increases Juvenile Crime Essay

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In the last 42 years little to no changes have been made to correct the standards that govern punitive measures towards juvenile delinquency. Today juvenile law is governed by state and many states have enacted a juvenile code. However, in numerous cases, juveniles are transferred to adult court when juvenile courts waive or relinquish jurisdiction. Adolescents should not be tried in the adult court system or sentenced to adult penitentiary's on account of: teen brains are not mature which causes a lack of understanding towards the system, incarceration in an adult facility increases juvenile crime, and children that are sentenced to adult prison are vulnerable to abuse and rape. American Psychological Association experts state that on …show more content…
The evidence shows that this specified area of the brain is under developed in teenagers, and that their impulses are not always thought out. Teen brains are underdeveloped when it comes to the decision making process is important information and should be taken into consideration when a juvenile is charged with any offense. In addition, with new found evidence of brain development being released doctors and psychologists seem to be in agreement that the findings should be taken seriously. For example, an article posted in the “Observer” in 2013 by Andrew Meriuzzi, Dr Helen Neville an internationally renowned psychologist and neuroscientist implies “Our biggest job will be to convince the public and policymakers to demand evidence and to evaluate evidence.” (Merluzzi 2013) Statements from credible sources may open the eyes to the public, that teenagers need to be evaluated thoroughly before being condemned to cells like rats. It is important to have the physiologists and scientists input so they the world can move forward with proper treatment of our youth. In relations, professionals and specialists are fully aware of a child's state of mind and are trying to alert the public to approach youth thoughtfully. Another strong quote from Dr. Neville comes in her cries for action “For the sake of the economy and the sake of the children, let’s take this evidence-based approach to reducing inequality,”. (Merluzzi 2013)Helen's plead sheds light that a teenager is
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