Incentive Plan For An Organization Essay

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Incentives Every organization should have some type of incentive plan for staff. As previously mentioned, it is important to keep staff motivated to edify the success of an organization. Motivation and incentive concepts are closely linked because they both encourage staff to perform in a better way. The difference is that motivation can be words, but incentives are typically tangible and specific. According to the Houston Chronicle, incentive plans offer recognition and rewards to employees for meeting pre-established goals or objectives. This can include cash bonuses, profit sharing, additional paid vacation time or any range of prizes such as gift cards, corporate merchandise or other products or services (McQuerrey n.d.). Again, the objective is to motivate and to ensure its effectiveness the goal of the incentive program being offered must be clearly defined, viable and valuable for whatever the staff is being asked to do. The incentive plan for Chic Solutions is the pay scale. The salon is fully established and purchases all of the products and supplies the stylist and artist need to conduct services. Besides the salary and contracted personnel, payroll for stylist will be commissioned based. Commission will be based on experience starting with a 35 percent to 50 percent base per client; the amount they make on each client is contingent upon the service. We’ve created a program that will allow stylist and artist to make an additional 10 percent of their commission
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