Incentives To Satisfy The Desires For The Differing Generations.These Incentives Could Include

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incentives to satisfy the desires for the differing generations. These incentives could include flexible hours, alternative work schedules, and telecommuting. The younger generations value flexibility in their careers and Millennials need training and learning opportunities. Organizations will also struggle with the rising cost of health care as the workforce ages. Older workers want to be allowed to reduce their work hours gradually and keep health benefits. “HR professionals will spend much of their time on concerns related to planning for retirement, training older workers, and motivating workers whose careers have plateaued” (Noe, pg. 31). In addition, each generation has different reasons for motivation, so HR and leaders will…show more content…
Job analysis is the process of getting detailed information about jobs, and is so important, as it lays a foundation of everything personnel do. Job analysis effects the human resource planning to understand what levels of skill is needed for various jobs, so they know what kinds of human resources to recruit. Job analysis has a huge impact on selection. In order to hire the most qualified applicant, the hiring manager needs to know what tasks the individuals must perform and the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. It involved training, performance appraisal and career planning. Career planning matches an individual’s skills and aspirations with career opportunities. Lastly, job analysis involves job evaluation which assesses the value of the job to determine the proper compensation.
There is redesign and job design, which is the process of defining how work will be performed and what tasks will be required in a given job or (Noe, pg. 114). An approach to job design is to consider that a job is most beneficial to the organization and in attracting talent, when it is designed to be efficient, designed to motivate, designed with health and safety in mind and designed for mental capacities of those in the role. As mentioned earlier, each generation is motivated differently. A resource HR has is a model that shows how to make jobs more motivating, it is the Job Characteristics Model.
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