Incentives for Recruiters to Lure Talent Essays

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The main purpose theme of the article is how difficult it is for recruiters to appeal talented individuals in rural areas where there are plenty of job opportunities. Furthermore, how recruiters should find the appropriate incentives to persuade these talented individuals into moving to remote areas. ________________________________________ Summarize what you think is the most important information in the article. You should include details and examples from the article. Also, identify any inferences or conclusions that this article makes. The article lists a lot of important information. The first important point in the article is how to “accentuate the positive”. In this step, this is where a company will find out the reasons why the…show more content…
Instead, recruiters could focus on low cost of living, how a town may have the best theater. These amenities can outweigh wages and lure talented workers. Next, “capitalize on perception”. The article explains that recruiters can focus on what little towns have to offer, such as, safe neighborhood, good schools, and friendly atmosphere. For instance, a recruiter can focus on fishing, hiking, and camping areas in a small town. “Pushing the perks” and “personalize the pitch”, are the next two important points in the article. Here is where recruiters offer perks that other big companies would not offer to employees. Furthermore, recruiters need to find the various interest of each potential employee and offer the interest as perks. For instance, personalize perks by offering more sick days, research special interest, or giving special gifts. The last important point is “that special someone”. The article talks about the important factors that should be included in package to entice potential employees. The package should include, perks, benefits, company culture, and features of the town. Regardless of the efforts of HR specialist, they will not have control over the “intangible rightness” of the job position, company fit, location, and individuals. Even though the company may offer the best benefit package with special perks. Ulimately, the potential employee will make the final decision it the job, location,
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