Inch'Allah Dimanche Tells a Story of an Algerian Family

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The 1974 family reunion law allowed women and children to move to France in order to be reunited with their husbands. However, French society is cautious to accept the foreigners into their lives. Zouina, the main character is a mother of two and stubborn to accept this new life as her own. Additionally, her husband is reluctant to grant her social freedom and condemns her to staying in the house with her children and mother in-law to care for. The movie portrays a family with two small children, a husband and wife and the mother in-law. In typical Algerian tradition, the mother-in-law is the top of the family hierarchy directly after the father, while the mother is at the lowest of the ranking. These rankings define the characteristics of the family members, with the mother in-law perceived as demanding, rude and harsh, and the mother as quiet, undervalued and unappreciated.
Directed by Yamina Benguigui and released in 2001, the movie received many nominations and won several awards for the character development and historical significance. Of these awards, the most recognizable was the 2001 Critics award at the Toronto International Film Festival. This movie was socially relevant as the information regarding the Algerian War was only released until August of 1999. Additionally, in 2001 General Aussaresse released his book,…

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