Incidence of Low Birth Weight Infants in Dougherty County

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Windshield Survey The residential areas within the city limits of Dougherty County consist of single lot family duplexes, cluster housing, and town homes. These are located in areas such as the south part of town. Also there is a mix of duplexes and row houses. These homes are part of urban and residential redevelopment projects that are targeting high density residential areas. Residential structures outside the city are mainly single family homes. These homes are located in subdivisions and are either on large lots or in rural communities. A good example of this would be homes located in the Radium Springs and Putney area. In the downtown vicinity there are buildings that are used for commercial use. These buildings average between 6,000 and 12,000 square feet. It is around this area that you will also find some older homes. Some of these homes are dilapidated and there has been a push in recent years to either renovate or demolish them. North of downtown is where the main hospital is located. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is a 443 bed teaching hospital. It has a cancer and heart center that services the entire region. Included in its services are perinatal and neonatal intensive care. Along with this they have established urgent care centers in several areas in and around Dougherty County. The hospital is a not for profit organization. This means it provides services to the insured and uninsured. Roughly 20% of the population in Dougherty County is uninsured. There

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