Incidences In The Experiences Of A Slave Girl Summary

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Harriet Jacobs focuses on her experiences as a female slave, rather than a slave who happens to be a slave, and points out how difficult the situations were for the female slaves compared to that of the male slaves. She prints the picture of a situation whereby the fate of the female slave depends on the kindness of her master or mistress, the situation worsening when her master would make sexual advances and in most cases, rape her, whilst all the while threatening to make conditions worse for her should there be resistance on her part. In addition to labor and rape, women experienced their children being sold, robbed of their purity, constant abuse from a jealous mistress and constant fear of vengeful acts from the jealous mistress (61). Jacobs wrote her autobiography Incidences in the Experiences of a Slave Girl, under the Pseudonym Linda Brent, and she wrote about her experience under slavery in such a way that it covered the experiences of all the women under slavery. Harriet explains in detail her journey as a female slave struggling to gain her freedom and the various hurdles as a woman she had to persevere in order to achieve her goals. Several issues emerge which distinguish the experiences of females from that of males in the narration. Some of the key issues include extreme abuse, sexual harassment and juggling womanly roles, especially to one’s master and mistresses as well as motherhood. Jacobs, through various innuendos, explains the humiliations which

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