Incident At Morale Essay

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Introduction The paper contains an analysis of the film “Incident at Morale”. The film in question follows Fred, a chemical engineer who is a professional engineer currently working for Phaust Chemicals to design a chemical plant. Fred faces many ethical dilemmas during the construction of the chemical plant. The following sections will analyze an ethical issue that occurred when Fred decided to use connectors that barely met the QC specs and was a danger to the employees. The method used to analyze the situation will contain nine steps used in assessing an ethical situation. Analysis Step 1: Determine the facts of the case. This step is used to determine the unbiased facts pertaining to the specific situation depicted in the film. Fred, a professional engineer, is hired by Phaust to design a new plant to manufacture a new paint remover. As stated in the film “He designed their plant. He designed exactly what we need to…show more content…
Chuck is motivated to meet the budget goals set by the company, by not using the stainless steel connectors Fred was able to meet those goals, thus satisfying his employers. Wally’s motivation is the employee incentives that is provided by the company, as stated in the film “When a business turns a profit, it can share that wealth with its employees in the form of bonuses.And this company’s bonuses are based on performance.”( Nichols, 2009,pg 21) if the plant exceeds the budget and time limit, he would not be receiving his bonus because of his terrible performance. Fred’s motivation to follow the guidelines given by his superiors is because he is a new employee and he wishes to keep his job since he was recently fired from his previous one at Chemitoil. Phaust’s only motivation in this situation is to spend less money on constructing the plant, and profiting from a plant that cost twenty percent less than a standard plant when the final product begins
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