Incident Command System and the Role of Incident Commander

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Incident Command System A hurricane is one of the natural disasters that wreck havoc destroying property, lives and infrastructure. During hurricane incidences, the incident commander has the obligation to carry out the tasks of; commanding, operations, planning, logistics, finance and administration of the whole process (Natural Hazards Center, 2006). He should therefore be in position to quickly make the following decisions. The incident commander (IC) should ensure that the rescue workers involved in clean up activities have proper safety gears, hand gloves and boots to protect themselves from hazardous materials, electrical hazards and ensure that they are not confined alone in risk prone area. The IC should have the paramedics nearby and ready to assist the victims being evacuated. Where the area is inaccessible, the flying doctors should be standby to help secure and save the lives. Make huge and adequate personal protective equipment to address the need of safety since failure to do this may present a challenge in rescue efforts. I would offer appropriate training to emergency responders and enlighten them on the potential hazards they are likely to encounter. I would prioritize the problems as follows; enough medical supplies would be my first concern ,a shelter most likely a public shelter to house those affected, food and water would likewise follow in my priority list as most water resources could have been contaminated and is required for food preparation
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