Incident Investigation On The Workplace

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As we strive for continuous improvement in our day to day activities we must take a closer look at all incidents and “Near Misses” that occur on our projects and in the workplace. By working to better understand these events, encouraging our work force to discuss these events and sharing our experience companywide we will move one step closer to realizing our goal of “Zero Injury”. Incident Investigation Incident investigation must be a systematic procedure of objectively identifying the contributing causes that lead to the incident. This is done by repeatedly asking (yourself, witnesses or others) “Why did this happen?” Often times the line of questioning will take several paths (Contributing factors). Follow each “Why” question until you cannot ask why anymore; you have identified the base cause of that contributing factor. The intent of the investigation is to be fact finding, not fault finding; and determine the root cause(s) of the incident. This procedure is intended to take place immediately after personal injuries are addressed; the site is secured and safe for the investigators to begin gathering information. A total lockdown of the incident site may be necessary to secure evidence and isolate. The occurrence of or potential for serious injury or fatality (SIF) is the determining factor related to the extent at which the site shall be secured and investigations will be performed. Definitions Contributing Factors are events or conditions that collectively
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