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On 12/16/2017, I, Dillon Dickerson, badge #155, was working as a Patrol Officer for the Wichita State University Police Department, in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. While driving in lot 20 which is located behind Wilner Auditorium I heard a loud banging sound. From past experiences it sounded like someone ran over multiple barrel cones. On 17th street they are doing construction from 17th and Hillside to 17th and Oliver.

I arrived in the area of 17th and Hillside at approximently 0235 hours. I advised dispatch there was about 12 cones which had been hit. These cones were about 6 inches in diamater and stood about 3 feet tall. The cones were held up with black rectangular rubber bases. I let dispatch know I would be out of my patrol
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WSU Officer Efrain Rueda #159 advised the driver turned northbound on Holyoke at which time I turned aroundon 17th street near lot 26. I then say WSU Officer Efrain Rueda #159 and WSU Officer Chris Tener #147 still chasing the run vehicle westbound on 17th passing Hillside. I advised dispatch at approximently 0240 hours since there were already two WSU Officers chasing I would stay on campus.

I went to Holyoke street to check the area where the chase started at to see if any evidence was thrown out. I noticed there was a orange traffic cone on the east side of Holyoke. I stopped and checked the cone and noticed there was some vomit in this area also. I informed dispatch of what I found and also I would be speaking with three males who spoke with the male before the chase. I made contact with the males at approximently 0246 hours. The males asked if it was okay for them to go back into the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) house. I informed the males I needed to get some basic information from them before I let them go. One of the males identified himself as Omar Antonio Rodriguez by WSU ID X243W595. Omar was a Hispanic male, born on May 4th of 1999, who lives at 7207 W 77th St. N in Valley Center KS, 67147, he can be reached at 316-592-3721. Omar is going to be living in the SAE house soon. I asked Omar what he saw take place with the vehicle. Omar stated they saw the male in the vehicle vomiting onto the ground. They went up to the male and asked him if he was okay.
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