Incident by Countee Cullen

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The poem, “Incident” is a part of Cullen's book called "Color", which clearly portrays the racism shown among the blacks, even among the children. The transition from innocence to experience may also be seen in the poem "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning. It starts off with the innocence of a young child most likely riding on a subway who makes eye contact with another young boy on the same car. Though neither is described to be older or smaller than the other boy. Cullen goes on to say that from May until December of all the things that had happened, this "incident" was the only thing he could remember. The tone in the poem quickly goes from a highly optimistic attitude of the boy towards the city then turns to a depressing tone a because of that one word. The poet clearly explains that racism is painful and no matter at what age you may have to face it, it leaves a scar in their minds for a lifetime. When the word which is quoted is uttered by the other boy a separation is brought upon that people of that time couldn't look past. Their first judgments of another person came from their first look and the impression they are able to conceive at that moment. This impression in most cases during the time was very prejudiced. In "My Last Duchess" Browning describes the Duke of Ferrara who is trying to negotiate with a servant for the hand of the count's daughter in marriage. During the negotiations the Duke is taking the servant for a tour into his own private art gallery to
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