Incidents During The Life Of A Slave Girl

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Incidents in the life of a slave girl What was life like for slaves prior to the beginning of the Civil War? Use examples from Harriet’s narrative or information you gained from other sources to describe the institution of slavery. Most slaves went through violent whippings and severe deprivation inflicted on them by their white masters. Most of them told narratives and inspiring stories of a brutalized slave’s journey toward self-definition and self-assertion. Like many of these stories, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl narrates the abuses of slavery, the slave’s struggle for self-definition and self-respect, and the harrowing details of a dangerous escape. However, Jacobs’s story also emphasizes the special problems faced by female slaves, particularly sexual abuse and the anguish of slave mothers who are separated from their children (Africans in America, nd). Prior to the beginning of the Civil War slaves underwent physical brutality, deprivation and fierce beatings and lynching that was shocking. Jacobs focuses on slaves’ mental and spiritual anguish which makes an important contribution to the genre. Being a slave with an easy life, Linda will not have to endure constant beatings and hard physical labor. However, Linda and the other slaves around her had suffer from being denied basic human rights and legal protection. Men and women are not permitted to marry whomever they choose, and they were not allowed to marry anyone at all. Women were frequently forced to
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