Inclusion Education For Children With Disabilities

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This assignment will give an insight into what inclusion education is, and the way in which a target school relates inclusion to their students. It will focus upon Asperger 's within the school, and show how Asperger 's is treated to ensure inclusion is met. The assignment will argue the policies set in place and, with the literature review, will source findings and compare them with the schools ethos.

The earliest legislation and act brought about that acknowledged a disability within the UK came about in the 1300’s. This simple act stated that;
“The English monarch to seize the property of people with mental illness or disability”
(De Praerogativa Regis). – (See Appendix B)

Clearly legislation has come a long way from this point, and schools have a variety of inclusion policies that are aimed at Special Education Needs (SEN). The first act aimed towards the education of children with disabilities was that of the Elementary Education (Blind and Deaf Children Act of 1893) which “transferred responsibility for the education of blind and Deaf children to local education authorities”.
(NHS, 2012)
This act was then followed with the updated 1944 Act which stated “mainstream schools are likely to be the most appropriate environment in which to teach disabled children”.
(The Education Act of 1944)
It was in 2010 that all previous anti-discrimination laws were unified together under a single act: The Equality Act of 2010 (EqA) which brought together race,
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