Inclusion For Students With Disabilities

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Inclusion Position Paper
Valerie Simmons
University of West Alabama
SE 506
Dr. Nichols
July 1, 2015

Inclusion in the classroom is a widely debated issue in education today. Inclusive education means that students with disabilities are supported in chronologically age appropriate general education classrooms in schools near their home. These students also receive the specialized instruction outlined by their individualized education programs (IEP 's) within the context of the core curriculum and general class activities. Inclusion was developed to make sure students with disabilities go to school along with their neighbors and friends. These students are also receiving specifically designed instruction and support to achieve and succeed as learners. Is inclusion in the classroom beneficial for both general and special education students is the issue. I believe that there are positive and negatives about inclusion but overall it is beneficial for some students.
The issue many parents and educators face is inclusion in the classroom the best for all students. Parents and educators have to work together to make the best decision for the student. They have to decide if inclusion in the classroom is the least restricted environment that the student can learn in.
I believe special education students should be included in the regular classroom as long as it is beneficial for the students. I believe some special education students have disabilities that limit their
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