Inclusion For Students With Learning Disabilities

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12 [Inclusion for students with learning disabilities] [Inclusion for students with learning disabilities] 13 The Inclusion for Students with Learning Disabilities in Special Education Lehigh University Bowei Chen Many researches show that students with learning disabilities have a high rate of victimization. This paper gives few case studies about how elementary schools implement the policy and guidelines to inclusive the students with learning disabilities. The purpose of special education is giving students who have special needs the optimal development of their academic and professional skills, also support their career in order to be able to contribute to the society and manage his/her own life to reach…show more content…
(McLeskey & Waldron,2011) From one point of view, some people believe that LD students should be educated in general classrooms and have the accesses to the general curriculum. However, the other voice comes out that those LD students who have unique needs should take care out of the general classrooms and have extra resources for part-time help. Comment by Grammarly: Deleted: be From the journal Educational Programs for Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities: Can They Be Both Effective and Inclusive? Written by James McLeskey and Nancy L.Waldron, indicated that some LD students obtain better achievement outcomes in inclusive general education settings, while others do better when they have some extra resources to help with them. However, The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was established in 2001 to improve academic achievement, accountability, teacher quality, and evidence-based practice (Yell, Shriner, & Katsiyannis, 2006). If that is serious, it could be a significant issue for us to think about students with special needs in order to provide them the same opportunity to improve their academic achievement, accountability, teacher quality and evidence-based practice. Below is the report from 2015 Building a Grad Nation report co-authored by Civic Enterprise and Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University School of Education. Learning Disabilities as an Academic
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