Inclusion Is Not A School Or A Childcare Setting?

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No two people are alike. Every person has likes, dislikes and preferences. And every individual has a different style of learning; it could be visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Many classrooms and childcare centers across the world, have been introducing inclusive classroom settings. In this paper I will be discussing what inclusion is, concerns parents and educators have about meeting the child’s needs, research related to the children developing quickly and children with special support. As well, I will discuss services offered by the Vancouver Supported Child Development Program, and my personal view about children learning in an inclusive environment.

What is Inclusion? The Oxford Dictionary describes the word Inclusion as “The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure” and “A person or thing that is included with in a whole.” Both of these quotes are definitions of inclusion, but what is inclusion mean a school or a childcare setting? “The first attempt at implementing this goal was called mainstreaming”(Allen, Paasche, Langford and Nolan, 2006, pg.3) Mainstreaming is “children that have special needs are to “be ready” to enter classroom settings.”( Allen, Paasche, Langford and Nolan, 2006, pg.3) This places an emphasis for helping the child meet the classroom expectations. The term Integration has also been used. This is when “children with special needs are given extra support so that they can be integrated into a regular
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