Inclusion Of A Special Education Student

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Full Inclusion Paper
With the issue of inclusion, there are both pros and cons to each side. There are many different factors that influence the views of inclusion to different groups of people. There are four main groups of people that inclusion have an effect on including: the students with disabilities, regular education students, teachers of regular education students, and the parents of students with disabilities. With each group of people, there are many who are for inclusion and many who are against inclusion. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions and it’s important to hear what each side has to say to help all students in education. If students with disabilities are isolated in the special education classroom, they aren’t being exposed to appropriate type of student modeling (Hill, Amy E.).” Another advantage of inclusion for a special education student, is the opportunity to make new friends and share new experiences. The student is exposed to a whole new world of students that they don’t see in their everyday special education classrooms. They are able develop friendships with peers of the same age which can lead to greater acceptance in the community (Hill, Amy E). Inclusion can increase the student with a disabilities self respect and self esteem. When they start to make connections with the regular education students and teachers, they start to feel a sense of self esteem. They start to feel good about themselves and about their overall school
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