Inclusion Of Children With Disabilities

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Inclusion means that every child regardless of their abilities or background are able to play, interact, connect and learn as one. Every single child is valued, supported and provided access to equal opportunities like any other child as well as being involved in learning experiences. The label ‘inclusion’ has traditionally been used to describe bringing children with disabilities into regular settings rather than placing them in ‘special’ facilities’ (Connor, 2006, p8). Inclusion of children who have a disability is essentially about educators recognising that all children have the right to be engaged and valued participants in and contributors to the curriculum.
Current policies and legislation in regards to inclusion include Australian
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The Early Childhood Education and Care come under the Education and Care Services National Law 2010 and Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 (ACECQA) 2010. The National Quality Framework provides educators with vital importance of inclusion with a number of components.
Together with our personal and the services philosophy our perspectives can be affected by the way we approach our working lives with the children, the community and the families. Many educators have their own theories, some will be based by Montessori (Developmental), Piaget and Vygotsky (Psychosocial & Developmental), Steiner (Developmental), Bowlby, Erikson (Cognitive) Bronfenbrenner (Socio-cultural), Rogoff (Socio-Cultural), Skinner (Socio-Behaviourist), Habermas (Critical) or Focault (Post-Structuralist). All of the mentioned above theorists have a different outlook or meaning on the same topic or issue. For example, many of them have a different perspective on the value of play or the way children learn. “Different theories about early childhood inform approaches to children’s learning and development. Early childhood educators draw upon a range of perspectives in their work …” (EYLF p.11). One of the challenges for most services is trying to make these connections with the Early Years Learning Framework and the above mentioned theories.
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