Inclusion Of The Intellectually Disabled Community Essay

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People have a desire to be seen and heard. When one thinks of their wants and ambitions, they think of what they feel is best for them. The intellectually disabled community have gone without being seen and their voices not heard for decades too long. The intellectually disabled community desire to be seen in social events, inclusion in education and in the workforce. This is an injustice to them that needs to be recognized and addressed. The intellectually disabled community have succeeded far greater when included in programs and social events that are designed for their success. The inclusion of the intellectually disabled community is important because without it their rights to live successful lives is taken away.
Education is one of free benefits of living in the United States. Within the schools one can find many different types of students that all deserve the best education they can receive. Nonetheless, people with intellectually disability are often forgotten and thought as unteachable. As written by Deweaver in the article Persons with Mental Retardation: A Forgotten Minority in Education, “U. S. society values high intelligence, independence, and mental acumen, but can shun those people who represent the opposite of those values”. This has been represented with the idea that the intellectually disabled need to be separated from their peers and kept in special education classrooms. According to the journal, High School Students with Intellectual
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