Inclusion Of The Refugees Into A Protection Mechanism That Will Be Created Based On International Standards Essay

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This project aims to demonstrate the need for inclusion of the refugees coming to north Cyprus, into a protection mechanism that will be created based on international standards. The main question of this project that will discuss the necessity of a protection mechanism will be: “Why there is a need for an asylum and protection mechanism for refugees in north Cyprus?” The question of this research stemmed from the need to determine the source of this need and what this need covers in terms of legal and practical arrangements.
The expected outcome of this research is to demonstrate, with tangible findings, the significance of creating an asylum mechanism in north Cyprus which is becoming a destination for refugees especially due to the unrest in Middle East. The findings will be analyzed in the framework of international human rights and UN documents related to the refugee rights issue.
Cyprus is placed in a region which has been suitable for refugees throughout history. At the time of World War II, when Nazi’s endangering Europe; more or less 2000 Polish refugees came to Cyprus in 1940, defected until the end of II. World War. Nowadays, due to its affinity to bad political conditions regions and repressive governments of the Middle East, Cyprus remains an easy access country for refugees compared to other places. As we see, Cyprus is a country that refugees arrive to sheltered in historical periods. (REFERANS)
Because of lack of information in the general
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