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Providing for inclusion Introduction This report will aim to discuss the inclusion for special educational needs (SEN) students as well as those students with autistic spectrum condition (ASC). This report will discuss inclusive education and its history, as well as the social, political and philosophical arguments that impact upon it. The report will look at how educational practice is shaped by legislative and regulatory frameworks; it will also show how our own practice provides support for all children to achieve within mainstream education. Autism Spectrum Condition Autism is associated with a range of differences and difficulties typically related to core skills in reciprocal social interaction, communication and imagination…show more content…
The rights-based model has at its very core the principal that all children should attend a mainstream school within their community (Kenworthy, Whittaker, 2000). This model of inclusion for all seeks to directly challenge the societal belief regarding the legitimacy of segregated education, and the assumption that it is simply impossible to include all children in mainstream education (CSIE, 2008). The Centre for Studies in Inclusive Education regards ‘full inclusion’ as a human rights issue, it advocates the abolition of segregated (special) schooling, while others believe that a special education school system has no place in a right-based framework (Cigman, 2006). Quoting Kenworthy and Whittaker (2000, P.222): Ending the segregation of children is above all, a human rights objective […] The conviction must be that segregated education is a damaging and archaic practice, incompatible with a civilised society. Towards this end, it crucial that the philosophical tenants of inclusion should be differentiated from persistent orthodoxies of the past, which so far have disguised and masked assumptions inimical to inclusion (Liasidou, 2012). Shaping educational practice The focus on inclusion has risen up the political and statutory agenda, to such an extent that there is widespread evidence of
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