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13 December 2012

Inclusion Essay

“Inclusion isn’t a right, it’s a way of living”. Written on my floor bulletin board, I was shocked when I first saw this. How is inclusion not a right? Why would someone even write something like this in a public space, knowing that others might take offense to something that was written like that. I was appalled at first but then realized what was written after that. "It is a way of living". That is the only part of the statement that I wholeheartedly agree with. For something to not be considered of importance, it must be put into practice everyday, in every moment of every. The reason why inclusion is so difficult is because the world initially began segregated. Starting off with
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Most of these goals aim to not only help those that have disabilities, but to diversify the education experience of someone that doesn’t have a disability to allow them to see the different types of people that exist in this world (Baglieri & Shapiro, 2012, 12-14).

The strengths of the medical model is that there is a clear cut diagnosis of a problem and action plan already in place, so there is less time in trying to think of solutions. The negative aspect to this is that children are being placed into solutions that may not fit their specific needs, but is the closest match to help the child out a little bit. The benefit of the social model is that each child gets an individualized plan fit to their needs on making life in the future easier. It’s goal is to provide life skills, not to just play catch-up. The challenge with this model arises when the population as a whole is not aware of the complexity of having a disability. The general population does not usually stop to think about how difficult it might be for someone with a disability to do basic tasks. Educating the general population about the difficulties and accepting that different people are just as valuable to society is something that will take a lot of time and effort to not see these differences in society anymore (Baglieri & Shapiro, 2012).

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