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Inclusion Special Ed INCLUSION OF SPECIAL ED STUDENTS Inclusive education means that all students in a school, despite their strengths or weaknesses in any area, become part of the school community. They are included in the feeling of belonging among other students, teachers, and support staff. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and its 1997 amendments make it clear that schools have a duty to educate children with disabilities in general education classrooms. These federal regulations include rulings that guide the regulation. The IDEA requires that children with disabilities be educated in regular education classrooms unless "the nature and severity of the disability is such that education in the…show more content…
Adapt the time allotted and allowed for learning, task completion, or testing.For example:Individualize a timeline for completing a task; pace learning differently (increase or decrease) for some learners. Increase the amount of personal assistance with a specific learner.For example:Assign peer buddies, teaching assistants, peer tutors, or cross-age tutors. Input Difficulty Output Adapt the way instruction is delivered to the learner.For example:Use different visual aids, plan more concrete examples, provide hands-on activities, place students in cooperative groups. Adapt the skill level, problem type, or the rules on how the learner may approach the work.For example:Allow the use of a calculator to figure math problem; simplify task directions; change rules to accommodate learner needs. Adapt how the student can respond to instruction.For example:Instead of answering questions in writing, allow a verbal response, use a communication book for some students, allow students to show knowledge with hands-on materials. Participation Alternate Substitute Curriculum Adapt the extent to which a learner is actively involved in the task.For example:In geography, have a student hold the globe, while others point out locations.Adapt the goals or outcome expectations while using the same materials.For example:In social studies, expect a student to be able to locate just the states while others learn to locate
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