Essay on Inclusion and Least Restrictive Environment

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There are many problems with today’s education, but one of the main problems would be the topic of inclusion vs. self-contained classroom. Many people have different opinions on this topic. For instance, some believe that disabled children should be separated from non-disabled children in classrooms, while others believe they should not be separated. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both sides of this situation. The views of both of these choices are completely opposite. On one side something may have a positive outcome, but on the other side, it may result in a negative outcome. Choosing which one has more positive outcomes for students is not the easiest choice, but it is a choice that has to be made in order for students…show more content…
Another upside of Inclusion would be the development of friendships. If disabled children were in separated classroom, or schools, they would not have a wide variety of peers to bond with. In inclusive classrooms, children with disabilities can learn from children without disabilities, or vice versa. They will have more opportunities to open up and accept each other and learn to appreciate diversity. With these benefits, there are also downfalls. Inclusion can cause, not only for the non-disabled children to fail, but also for the disabled. For instance, some students who are disabled need extra help, but “…it can be difficult for a teacher to provide these accommodations without distracting the rest of the students” (Jessica Cook). Students with special needs will need extra attention, and while the teacher is helping the special needs student, he will be neglecting the other non-special needs students that also need help. Even the other way around, the teacher would help the non-special needs students, and would start neglecting the special needs students. This could possibly cause students to slowly, or maybe even drastically, start failing. Another example would be that regular teachers are not as “…fully trained as a special education teacher when it comes to providing for the educational, behavioral and physical needs of students with special needs” (Jessica Cook). Some people may say that they can always pair a regular teacher with another
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