Inclusive Education, An Symmotive Education And An Explusive Environment

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I believe the inclusive education and an inclusive environment not only benefit children with disabilities or special needs, but also create an environment in which every child, including those who do not have disabilities or special needs, had the opportunity to flourish. To promote an inclusive environment for all children, I worked along with my mentor teacher, provide support and accommodations not only for the child with special needs, but it also diversifies the educational experiences of all children. Each child’s language cultural, and unique abilities are taken into account through environmental design and materials selection. We respect for the diversities and creates a welcoming environment for all. For example, the African and Asian elements have been added into the dramatic play and art area. We provided with the child-centered learning experience and inclusive learning environment throughout the curriculum. To illustrate, selected and arranged the materials applied in permanent learning area and changed regularly, such as block corner, literacy center, home corner, children be able to see, feel, and play. We encourage and support full participation for all children in the physical environment through access and equitable opportunities in all program activities. “ Tell me and I forget. Tell me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”-Benjamin Franklin. I acknowledged the importance of involving children in their own learning. Moreover, involving children is

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