Inclusive Education And An Innovative Learning Environment

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“Inclusive education is where all children and young people are engaged and achieve through being present, participating, learning and belonging” (Ministry of Education, 2017). To define inclusive education, I believe it means that child with or without special needs are welcomed and achieve at school (Ministry of Education, 2010). In addition, an inclusive school understand that all children learn at different speed, and in different ways. Hence, with the appropriate help and support, every student is able to achieve (Ministry of Education, 2010). Through volunteering at Mission Heights Primary school and working with ESOL and hearing impaired students I got a taste on how these students learn. I got to observe how they work with other,…show more content…
This is to prevent students from forgetting what they were planning to write. In the case that if the student did forget they would play the recording to recall what they wanted to write. I notice that the students found it extremely helpful and useful especially for the ESOL students. Mission Heights Primary School is a school that is fully immersed in an innovative learning environment. This had made me really excited and curious to see what other ways technology and how the innovative learning environment can promote inclusive education. From this experience, I realize that the innovative learning environment approach and the universal design for learning principles have a lot of similarities. Both aiming to meet the needs of all students. Where students have the freedom to choose how they want to work e.g in groups, in paris or independently. Drawing upon experiences from working with special need students from past practicum, I have realised that believing in the students is really important. Creating a safe place for them to make mistake and know that it is alright to do so, can boost their confidence, engagement and desire to learn (McGee & Fraser, 2012). To build this safe environment praise and encouragement from the teacher is vital (McGee & Fraser, 2012). This knowledge has also help me during my volunteer work at Mission Heights Primary. Whilst I was working with the special needs students, I notice that they lack
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