Inclusive Education And Its Implication On All Students

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1.0- Introduction
Inclusive education and its implication on all students have been discussed and analysed to gain the best approaches to teaching and learning of additional needs and culturally diverse background students. It is apparent from the case study scenario that this is a mainstream school catering for a cohort of 370 students from prep to year 6. Students have access to a teacher aid in the prep class and an integration aide for years 1 to 3. The school has available to students a learning resource centre which have special educators in it, as well as a psychologist. There is also a program called Bright Sparks that is available to those students identified as being gifted or talented. Whilst majority of the students enrolled at the school have not been identified as having additional needs or from diverse culture backgrounds; inclusive education needs to be a pretilt for all. Inclusive education can be described as embracing human diversity, and all children are equal members of the educational community (Cologan, 2013). As well as having a precise definition of inclusive education, an understanding of the need to differentiate and the implication this has on the students is key. Differentiation has its benefits to the students looked at in this report.
2.0- Findings:
2.1- Jolie is a grade two student who has recently moved from China to Australia and is has been identified as being a high achiever and qualifies for the ‘Bright Sparks’ program. Jolie is seen…
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