Inclusive Education: Laws and Policies

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Inclusive education



Learning outcome 1: Demonstrate understanding of what is meant by the term Inclusive Education and its relationship to the Warnock commission of 1981.

Inclusive Education is a philosophy which challenges the traditional approach to regard disability and disabled people as an 'after-thought ' stating that disability is a part of common experience of humanity. It is the approach which caused a shift that disabled people and people with learning difficulties could enter the world as equals (Brown, 1992). "Inclusion" in education means that it is unlawful to discriminate between on pupils on grounds of race, sex,
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Thus the attitude to special education in general started to change and their teaching seemed to be more accessible to teachers in mainstream schools. It was an era of recession and educational disenchantment. The conservative administration led by Thatcher, school reforms were moving up the government agenda (Gillard, 2011). With the globalisation of most of the economies, more and more migrants were entering the country and hence pupils from different communities were becoming a part of the schools. But it was found that all the acts were not followed by the schools and pupils were discriminated on the basis of disability, race and sex basis, thus the current system was not working perfectly. Therefore Warnock Committee of Inquiry into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People, Chaired by Mary (Later Baroness) Warnock was appointed.

The 1944 Education Act, categorised children with special educational needs by their disabilities. Many of them were considered as "uneducable" and pupils were labelled into categories such as "maladjusted" or "educationally sub-normal" and "given special educational treatment". But the Warnock report was aimed of trying to include all children in a common educational framework and representative of broader international trend. It introduced the idea of special education needs (SEN), "Statements" of SEN, and an 'Integrative ' which later on becomes 'Inclusive '
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