Inclusive Education : The Benefits Of Inclusive Education

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Inclusive Education Benefits All Every child has the ability to learn, but the way a child learns and processes knowledge can be very different, especially for a child with special needs. (Mainstreaming Special Education in the Classroom) As a society we owe all children the chance to reach their full potential, thus we must set up an environment where this accessible. Integrated education unarguably allows the must vulnerable and excluded children this chance. According to, “Inclusion” does not simply mean placing students with physical or mental disability in general mainstream classrooms, but rather offers fundamental change to school community and how children learn altogether. Effective models of inclusive education according to various sources, is the right model of education for special needs students because it allows greater access to mainstream curriculum, preparation for integration in an inclusive society, and promotes a tolerant and inclusive society. (Full inclusion: Has its time arrived?, The Benefits of inclusive Education.) Uniquely, in inclusive classrooms, students with special needs have access to the mainstream curriculum, thus giving them more opportunities for academic growth. (Is Integrating Children with special needs in mainstream classrooms beneficial?) Students with disabilities do better when in a setting where expectations are higher and more is asked of them. The students will flourish academically because in regular
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