Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities Essay

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Introduction The right to have access to education is a concern for people with disabilities. They were treated poorly and often desegregated from society. The response to the concerns of parents and educators over the exclusion of children with disabilities created the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The public law “guaranteed a free, appropriate public education to each child with a disability in every state and locality across the country”. In the 1970's children with disabilities entered schools and over the years, the number of students in special education has grown dramatically, from 4.3 million students in 1990 to 6.9 million students in 2003 (The Council of Chief State School Officers , 2007). The philosophy of …show more content…
Together they determine the amount of assistance needed for the child and create appropriate materials to increase the progress and effectiveness of instruction. Collaboration involves commitment and expertise of the teachers, school administrators, school system and by the community to develop an effective education plan (Ripley, 1997).Together they develop individual educational programs and review data collection to better understanding what is needed for the individual student improvement. Improved student performance may be fully realized only when teachers routinely function as teams and abandon their traditional norms of isolationism and individualism. General education and special education teachers each bring their skills, training, and perspectives to the team. Their professional resources are combined to strengthen teaching and learning opportunities, methods, and improve effectiveness of their instruction. They work together to plan, adapt and implement instruction for the students. Although, planning and implementing does not begin or end in the classroom, teachers offer personal experiences from the classroom and with the student and have valuable insights to offer school districts and administrators (Ripley, 1997). Other members that facilitate in planning and implementing is the school district, that ensures resources such as money, time, and professional
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