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An Inclusive Environment for the Community College Students This paper aims to explain the programs and activities, offered by Central Piedmont Community college(CPCC) related to providing an inclusive environment for the students. The paper discusses how CPCC programs and activities are inclusive for all the students including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) students. The author of this paper interviewed Justin Knoll, Student Life Assistant Coordinator at CPCC. Finally, the paper discusses the author's point of view regarding providing an inclusive environment to all the students.
Creating an Inclusive Environment at CPCC “ CPCC has been a part of the Charlotte landscape for over 50 years. It
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As a future leader, the author of this paper thinks that initiating and maintaining inclusion starts by the college’s presidents. Supporting the students equally and providing opportunities for all the students to be engaged in the college programs and activities is very important for the students during their college education. The student Life Assistant Coordinator at CPCC stated that “All the programs we have are open for anybody. We have the Safe Zone training that the people can go to and find a safe zone for the students. There is a lot of activities, such as Honor Society, Student Government, Student Engagement” (Knoll, personal communication, October 12, 2017). Orienting the people including staff and students about diversity and inclusion through providing training opportunity is very important for the student life in college. The college faculty members and the staff should have the training to know how to provide a welcoming environment for all the students.
Students have a great impact on the success of inclusion in a college. The students’ healthy interaction and engagement respecting diversity and cultural identity are very important in college life. Providing orientation to the students about diversity and engaging the students in college activities, programs, and clubs may improve the student’s awareness of inclusion and diversity. “There is a student life orientation. There is an open house this Saturday and we get invited to the orientation to talk to the students about student life activities and programs” (Knoll, personal communication, October 12, 2017).
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