Inclusive Practice in the Primary School.

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How inclusive is Frederick Bird Primary School as a learning community? ‘Inclusive education is an unabashed announcement, a public and political declaration and celebration of difference.’ (Corbett, J. 2001:134) The principles of inclusion and their implications on school practice have been fiercely debated by leading educational experts for many years. In 1994, delegates from 92 governments met at the world conference on special needs education, to consider policy changes that would enable educators to provide inclusive education for all. The result of this conference was the adoption of ‘The Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action’ which provides recommendations and stipulations for the ‘planning and implementation’ of inclusive…show more content…
This is an essential exercise for any school striving to be inclusive. Ainscow (2007:3) argues that the biggest challenge facing the education system, is the development of practices that will reach out to learners failed by existing arrangements. It is my belief that the most effective way of tackling this matter is through this collaborative way of working. This enables practitioners to challenge and redefine entrenched views of ‘difference’ that can have a negative impact on certain types of learners and find new ways of moving forward. This ethos is reflected in every day teaching and learning. Every child within the school is treated respectfully as an individual and lessons are strategically planned to accommodate all needs and aspirations. The level of differentiation employed can be seen clearly in the case of ‘Kyle’. Kyle is a popular and intelligent Year 6 student. He is an all round sports enthusiast who relishes any opportunity to take part in team experiences and possesses excellent leadership skills. However, Kyle is dyslexic and came to Year 6 disengaged with his learning and lacking in self-esteem and motivation. It was through open conversations with previous teachers and his parents that we were able to establish the basis for Kyle’s disconnection with the curriculum. Kyle viewed himself as an incapable underachiever due to the ability level of the work he was expected to produce. Through
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