Inclusive Schooling Supports All Children With Disabilities And Learning Essay

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1.0 Introduction
In Australia, educators and schools must accept all children as they have the right to learn alongside same age peers within a mainstream education, no matter their diversity. Inclusive schooling supports all children with disabilities and learning disorders and allows children to learn. Inclusive education recognises and complies with a range of different government acts. These include Equal Opportunity Act (1984) and Disability Discrimination Act (1992), which protect the rights of all children. In 1970 students with disabilities began to attend mainstream education as researched proved that having children with special needs segregated was not how they deserve to be educated as they have the same rights as every other student (Konza, 2008, p.39). A series of documents and policies were put in place, offering students with disabilities the education they were entitled to and making inclusive education a part of Australian education. These documents include the National Disability Strategy, the National Quality Framework, the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, the Australian Curriculum, and the Australian Professional Standards for Educators. This report looks at these policies and different services, which have been implemented in Western Australia. This report builds an awareness of the views the community, parents and educators of children with special needs have on inclusive education and what recommendations educators can implement in

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