Inclusive Special Education: Lesson Plan for Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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The first section will introduce the classroom context within which this study will be conducted. This will highlight the demographics and resources needed to carry out a lesson plan for a special needs student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other shortcomings. The second section will briefly discuss the lesson plan or activity that is chosen for the class followed by the third section of the paper that will discuss supporting studies for the choices made in the lesson plan development. This will primarily showcase studies that support the use of computer mediation and support in the academic learning structure.
Classroom Context
The classroom chosen is one out of a rural community public school in New South Wales, Australia. The socioeconomic context of the community is a strong one where the approach, even in the corporate world, is family-oriented and most of the people living in the community work there as well and hence have an interconnected association. The overall school is medium-sized with nearly 100 enrolments every year and a total student body comprising of the special needs students who have either physical or mental shortcomings and require specially designed learning structures. The school mostly tackles with younger children from the pre-school age of 3 to the middle school age of 16-17 across different grades. The overall percentage of boys and girls is 2:3;…
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