Inclusivity That Defines The Nature Of Modern Leadership

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inclusivity that defines the nature of modern leadership. The author centers his argument on self-practices and individual achievements, leaving behind the contributions by other stakeholders within the organization. Though he states that it is critical to have an insight on the views of others and accept correction of mistakes, the author does not outline the role of leadership in convincing the organization when in times of a crisis.
In light of the above arguments, certain questions fail to find answers both in the book and in the classroom lectures. First, what is the role of leadership in guiding organizational change? This question revolves around the need to initiate organizational change due to such factors as operational
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The main theme behind this literature is the ability of an individual to exercise their own abilities in a bid to attain their desired outcomes. Moreover, it illustrates that the individual plays a central role in determining the quality of leadership that he or she exhibits.
Secondly, motivation draws close semblance to self-efficacy, as depicted by the author. The levels of self-determination that arise from the orientations of self-efficacy play a pivotal role in determining the motivation levels displayed by a leader, a team member or an organization (Busch & Wennes, 2012). Therefore, Wooden uses motivation to describe the individual’s drive to undertake a duty, and complete it with the desired perfection levels. As such, the author uses extrinsic and intrinsic motivation as the main tenets of his arguments. He says that the leaders have a role to play in being gentle to the followers, hence depicting the extrinsic motivation. On the other hand, he argues that the individual has to display positive character in order to attract good people. This illustrates his literature application of intrinsic motivation.
The definition of leadership and success as displayed by Wooden describes the use of literature in defining leadership as a process. This involves communication, inspiration, motivation,
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