Income And Wealth : Inequality

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Income and Wealth: Inequality in America
What does income and wealth inequality mean? Christopher Ingraham shares his thoughts about what income and wealth mean, “Income is the amount of money you earn from your work or your investments. But wealth is the amount of stuff you own: your house, your car, savings, retirement accounts, etc.” He goes on to say that wealth is infinite as you can invest a certain amount of money into something that yields a certain percentage on its return. Long story short you will have your initial investment plus the amount from the yield of the investment by the year’s end. Merriam-Webster defines inequality as being “an unfair situation in which some people have more rights or better opportunities than other people.” Income and wealth inequality in America is steadily on the rise. There are many shared and individual contributing factors as to the increase of the inequality between the two. Immigration, gender, race, technology, education, and ancestry is just a few of the contributing factors into the increase of the inequalities in America.
There are many people who immigrate to America each year whether it be by legal or illegal means. Merriam-Webster defines immigrate as the following: “to enter and usually become established; especially: to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence.” The main reason they immigrate is because they want to live the American dream. The American dream is viewed as home…
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