Income Inequality

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In “Inequality Has Been Going on Forever… but That Doesn’t Mean It’s Inevitable” by David Leonhardt, he responds to the issue of income inequality between the wealthy and the poor. He starts out with explaining that rising income inequality has been going on for so long that it is starting to look inevitable. Leonhardt then states that Thomas Piketty had wrote that income inequality has been a historical norm. Piketty also writes that the inequality has risen all throughout modern history, with some exceptions including wars and depressions. Leonhardt then begins to explain that even though something may seem natural or likely, it doesn’t mean something is inevitable. Leonhardt then states that the course of income inequality can be changed. He tells that along with wars and depressions, education can disrupt income inequality. I agree with David Leonhardt that income inequality is not an inevitability, and it is something that can be changed. David Leonhardt agrees with Piketty that income inequality is likely and natural, but denies that it is an inequality. He believes this because long ago, the rich owned a smaller share, and the income gap has been rising far less rapidly. He also explains that wars or depressions can disrupt income inequality. Another way Piketty claims income inequality can be disrupted is through education. I agree with Leonhardt that income inequality is not inevitable, even though it is likely. I believe this because there are many things the

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