Income Inequality In The American Dream

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The American Dream entails that everyone can make it to the top if they just work hard enough.However, because the system is controlled and rigged by the people at the top one percent, it is extremely difficult to actually have a chance at being successful and therefore, achieve the American dream.When assessing how much inequality is too excessive we start realizing there are a wide variety of factors that contribute to income inequality, such as political power.
Income inequality is present all over the world. There is global inequality where some countries have more wealth, power, and more developed, and other countries are less developed. .In the film there was a division between Park Avenue being home to the rich, and the South Bronx being home to many people who are poor. However, you can also observe income inequality in your own state, and community. In Portland Oregon for example, there are people who are wealthy and live in Portland skyscrapers, and in that same area there are many homeless people living amongst the rich people.
One of the ways to address income inequality would be through regulation of taxes in the government. However, as the film revealed, the wealthy are able to manipulate bills in order for them to pass in their favor. An example of this, would be the CEO Stephen Schwarzman who is a lobbyist that fundraised large amounts of money to pass bills in the favor of the rich. For this reason, the top one percent pay a lower rate in taxes in comparison to people who have lower incomes. The rich began using the political system to rig the rules so that the rich get richer, and the poor get more poor.
In the government there is money being used to buy the results that the rich desire due to the mobilization of business that occurred in the mid 1970’s. Businesman united so that regulations of the government would not negatively impact the income of the wealthiest people who owned businesses and corporations.Corporations became more aggressive when it came to politics. For this reason, people such as the Koch brothers used their wealth and power to control the government to have policies that favored their business.
Taxes should be used to address inequality, but because of the power and
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