Income Inequality of African Americans Essays

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Racial discrimination is the main and ongoing problem in the social life of Americans. When we look at the gap of incomes between White and African Americans, we can see the inequality between these two groups. In general, whites have more annual earnings than their black counterparts in America. Lori Ann Campbell and Robert L. Kaufman emphasized that the wealth determinants, which are the indicators of socio-economic status, have effected more on Whites than Blacks. And even when society is organized, there is still some disparities on account of race and ethnicity. (Campbell and Kaufman, 2006). And income disparities between African and White Americans have definitely effected the peace of the social life. According to Campell and …show more content…
(Newman and Pedulla, 2010). This number is twice as much as whites. Even if they had a job, many African Americans work for the low quality jobs. This means low levels of income relatively whites. And also nearly 50% of the wage differences between blacks and whites result from the racial discrimination. (Greene and Rogers, 1994). So, we can say that discrimination of wages between blacks and whites play a key role to determinate the income status of blacks. Also underemployment is serious as unemployment for many Americans especially for African Americans, because generally they work in that kind of positions. In March, almost 6 percent of workers had worked part time involuntary jobs. (Newman and Pedulla, 2010). The preferences of company recruiters can effect of this situation too. Because unfortunately, there is still people who have bad attitudes toward blacks. They think if they recruit African Americans to a high level position, the company can loss its prestige. According to Thomas Wison hiring and promoting are based on the race based preferences. (Wilson and McBrier, 2005). So white’s attitudes towards blacks change blacks’ income level. Beth Mintz and Daniel H. Krymkowski explain that authority is an important dimension of social stratification and it is considered as a factor that maintains to race inequalities. And whites execute authority at work more than blacks. According to Mintz and Krymkowski, researches also show the
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