Income Statement By A Company Is The Information On The Financial Statement Of A Business Activity

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Income Statement Analysis
Income Statement by a company is the information on the financial statement of a business activity over a certain period of time usually a quarter or a year. It also explained how much revenue the business grew throughout a period of time and the cost it gained in relating to its revenue. Companies have to be able to bring money otherwise they would not be able to stay in business; therefore income statement show how well or how bad the company is doing.
Revenue is the income from an organized sale of goods or services before any cost or expenses are subtracted. General Electric recognizes revenue when all sales are final upon deliver or sales agreement are in place. Most of the GE multiple component are in the same agreement. GE total revenue as of December 31, 2012 was $ 146,684,000, as of December 31, 2013 was $146,045,000 and as December 31, 2014 was $148,589,000. The revenue for all three years had big difference; for example, 2012 to 2013 had $639,000 decrease of revenue, 2013 through 2014 we see an increase in revenue of $2,544,000. General Electric revenue from 2012, 2013, and 2014 changed from year to year. By looking at the revenue we can see many changes happened during the cost of those years.
Cost of revenue
Cost of revenue of a company is there to show the exact cost related to the goods and services provided to its clientele, however salaries does not include but it includes distribution and marketing Total cost of
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