Incompatible Ideals In The Great Gatsby

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Incompatible Ideals
As children, we grow up believing that we can do anything, be anything. The world is our playground, and we were free to imagine our future. Consequently, this imagination and boundless opportunities is what draws so many to the ideals of the American Dream. The unwavering hope that anything can be achieved through determination and a tireless work-ethic. The common misconception is once we have attained the dream, the luxuries will come soon after.
In actuality what happens when this dream is finally attained? Does the expectation live up to the reality? Or is our imagined facade shattered by what the future presents?
The ideals and the reality of the American Dream are clearly exemplified in the protagonist of the
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From that day one, he leaves behind the identity of James Gatz forever.
The rest of his life he will be known as Jay Gatsby, an incurable and idealistic romantic who fills his life with dreams.
The most poignant and life-altering moment for the new Gatsby, is the arrival of Daisy in his life. Daisy brought youth and much needed colour into Gatsby’s life. Their whirlwind romance is short-lived, but the impact stays with them long after their parting.
Gatsby is determined to win back the love of his life. He concludes that if he amasses a substantial wealth, he will be able to manipulate time, erasing Daisy’s marriage and fixing her future with him. Perhaps, this is why so many people are able to resonate with Gatsby, he invokes the sentiment of a common man. So many others have believed that if they simply change one aspect of their life and imagine it to be a particular way, the future will fall right into their hands.
However, the inherent logical fallacy in this approach is the assessment that the other person in the relationship will still be the same person. What happens when the love fades, or the lover changes?
Nevertheless, Gatsby future was not bound by common sense or logic. He pursued his goal by getting involved in bootlegging, and other questionable business endeavors to make quick money. He buys an ostentatious mansion on West Egg, in order to be directly across the bay from Daisy
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