Incongruity: Examples Of Satire In Short Stories

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Satires in Short Stories If a short story is compared to a person, than satires are the gorgeous clothes worn on that person. Satires can make the story more vivid to attract the interest of the readers. Most of stories which use satires are reflect the problems in the real life. Therefore, they involve the social issues. This paper will identify what are satire and analysis three examples that satirize social issues in short stories. There are mainly three types of satire, and that are exaggeration, incongruity and parody. The forth story of Breaking Knees written by Zakaria Tamer uses incongruity to describe a unequal society in Syria which is preferential to the authorities. The thirty-ninth story of Breaking Knees written by Zakaria Tamer…show more content…
People will always tell lies to calumniate the people who achieved success before them, this is relating to the humanity. This story uses exaggeration since in the real life, a stupid person cannot get success only depend on he or she is luck. “He went through on that purely superficial ‘cram’, and got compliments, too, while others, who knew a thousand times more than he, got plucked.”(Luck,9) This is the using of incongruity. Compared with other people, Scoresby is so luck that he testing on the question he reviewed before. This sentence can prove the opinion of the narrator that Scoresby is lucky. “‘Privately – his glory is an accident – just a product of incredible luck.’” (Luck, 14) This is the sentence that talked by Reverend and he wants others to believe him that Scoresby is a silly person. In addition, through “Well, sir, every one of them is a record of some shouting stupidity or other; and, taken together, they are proof that the very best thing in all this world that can befall a man is to be born lucky.” (Luck, 27) In Christianity, people should believe that life is equal. “The clergyman at my left was an old acquaintance of mine – clergyman now, but had spent the first half of his life in the camp and field, and as an instructor in the military school at Woolwich.” (Luck, 12) Trough sentence that clergyman said which is not proper for his identity, readers can know some of the words that he said may not certainly. That clergyman taught Scoresby a lot when Scoresby was in the school, but the Scoresby got famous and he as the teacher of Scoresby didn’t achieve that famous. In people’s mind, the people who have more intelligence should be more famous. However, in this story, the clergyman didn’t become powerful and high status than Scoresby. Therefore, he jealous the luckiness of
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