Incorporating Technology into the Classroom Essay

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Technology is a portion of everyday life. It affects how business is conducted, teaching, learning, and receiving information. Good or bad, everyone uses technology every day. There are many items people have on them on a daily basis, one would be hard pressed to be without. If you were to examine the effect of technology on teaching and learning and acquire an understanding of why technology should be a part of every classroom curriculum, what would the conclusion be? Technology is a great benefit to the classroom, it stimulates our digital generation and allows educators to be more creative with curriculum. “Technology has provided the opportunity to create an entirely new learning environment; it has significantly increased the…show more content…
As of 2008, 21 states insist on technology coursework or the capacity to pass a test based on technology proficiency to receive a teaching license (The National Center for Education Statistics (ies) 2008-2009). The emphasis to control the use of PDA’s and Netbooks in a classroom is needed. Even though these technologies allow for students to have access to a wealth of information, it also can degrade the level of memory based competence. Regulation needs to be continuously updates and revised to keep up with the fast pace of technology. Literature Review In a review of the literature, recurrent ideas appeared in the research articles reviewed. These ideas include technology as part of education has a conclusive and encouraging impact on students, students demonstrated a greater level of learning and expanded productivity with the use of technology. Both educationalists and students felt technology added significance to their learning experiences. The addition of online education was cost effective as well as advantageous to the learning process. Technology caused teachers to be better teachers. Because of the wealth of information previously only available to students at a prestigious university, teachers are required to keep their assignments relative and backed by this knowledge. Students can out research the teacher on many occasions and
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